Dani Fàbregues

Avant-garde, originality, totally straight, geometric and sober lines and forms, with organic volumes that stand out for their visibility but at the same time show pure minimalism. My pieces constitute a work totally handcrafted that is based on the Minorcan tradition in the manufacture of ornamental pieces, as well as inspired by the most modern and contemporary trends of the 21st century. The noble materials, such
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Isabel Mir

Organic, imperfect, perhaps somewhat primitive forms of Mediterranean inspiration especially in small details, elements found in this small island. Primitives mainly because all parts are made with technique of lost wax, such an old technique already used in Mesopotamia and Egypt in 200 B.C. Technique that allows her to express, in a very special way, the very personal nature of her pieces, leaving her mark on each o
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Xavier Monclús

My work is characterized by a clearly figurative work inspired mainly in architecture, animals and any common element of my environment that I like or gets me excited. This way I create a personal and formal world that helps me express my feelings and opinions about the world and human relationships. Irony and humor are recurrent in the work.
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Núria Deyà

Joyas elaboradas de manera artesanal en plata y oro combinadas con titanio, niobio, madera, piedras semipreciosas... buscando así la originalidad tanto de los diseños como de los materiales utilizados.
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Santi Capó

Mediterranean-inspired jewelry created from hand worked gold and silver presented alone, used together or as parts of creations in photography or painting. The subtlety, creative process and craftsmanship are always considered above the pure material value of the pieces. The clear geometric forms, the silent work of our ancestors, the sand, the sea. A world of Mediterranean evocations, tradition mixed with modernity
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Maria Juanico

Possibly the word that best describes the work of this jewellery workshop is avant-garde: Maria Junico always tries to be at the forefront in design, finishes or materials. Her creativity and craftsmanship are reflected in all her pices which are always special and unique. Contact data C/ Seminari, 38 07760 – Ciutadella (view map) Phone: 971480879 Email: m_juanico@hotmail.com Web: www.mariajuanico.com Social
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