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  • Craftsman certification
  • Menorca handicraft brand


Xavier Monclús

Formed in the jewelry department of the school Escola Masana of Barcelona, since 1992 my work has been exhibited in galleries, theaters and museums in Spain, Europe, Japan and North America. I combine my profession with offering workshops in specialized schools of jewelry.

My work is characterized by a clearly figurative work inspired mainly in architecture, animals and any common element of my environment that I like or gets me excited. This way I create a personal and formal world that helps me express my feelings and opinions about the world and human relationships. Irony and humor are recurrent in the work.

At the same time I like to represent what I consider beautiful and share -through the jewelry- this feeling with everyone. Currently I’m interested in Minorquin and talaiotic architecture as working theme and inspiration.

Usually I build brooches and pendants although I also have an extensive collection that is gradually extended called DINKY JEWELS consisting in earrings, rings, pendants, brooches and small pins.
Technically I use the traditional technique of jewelry- I recurrent use the “Embatado” (wavy shaping) – and work with metals such as silver and bronze.

At the same time I combine and use in my creations other materials that are not normally used in jewelry such as wood, plastic and found objects. Another peculiar element in my work is the use of color, painting surfaces and metal items if necessary.


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