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Lorena Martí Camps – Illenk Menorca

At Illenk we design leather accessories and we make them by hand, in a process in harmony with “Slow Design”.
Lorena Martí is the artisan, designer and promoter of this brand.
“I’m Menorcan. I grew up in Menorca, and I can recall my first creative moments, staring at the see so many times. Years go by and the smell of the sea and the marina keep on inspiring, the wind on your face, and the salt on your skin”.

The island has a long artisan tradition, and at Illenk we appreciate this heritage and we take it to our creative world, looking for innovation and originality in every pattern we design.

We make limited edition collections; every creation is unique and exclusive. In this way, we achieve freshness, as if it were the first time.

When we share an idea, it can modify gradually. We interact with people’s needs, and we pay attention to new trends without losing our originality.

We get inspiration from our surroundings, our trips, people. Some pieces are named after a place we have visited, or people who suggested them. Each accessory carries a story.

We bet for fair trade of quality products. This is why we feel so at ease with such a familiar way of working, because while we take care of the wellbeing of all the staff, we take care of good product finishes.

Making a living from what we like doing gives us strength to carry out every project without losing hope, combining work with personal life without this being a burden, enjoying every moment.


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