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  • Craftsman certification
  • Menorca handicraft brand


Lorena Martí Camps – Illenk Menorca

Natural beauty and a traveling spirit so you can move freely. Illenk wants to be your traveling companion. I am Lorena Martí, designer and artisan, lively Menorcan, and this brand of handbags carries my story.

I look for materials of the highest quality and local origin for my work, and I make each piece on the rural farm where I live. I am committed to the slow philosophy, and I take care of every detail of my work looking for harmony in my designs. The result is a timeless, high quality product with a distinctly Menorcan inland style.

My workshop, located in the heart of this island, is open to anyone who wishes to pay me a visit. My products are available to anyone who would like to have a different shopping experience, by making an appointment by phone, whatsapp message or email.


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