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  • Master craftsman certification
  • Menorca handicraft brand


Nando Contreras Sans – Benestar Menorca

Handcrafted footwear company with operations in Ciutadella de Menorca with more than 20 years of experience and skill acquired so as to guarantee unique comfort, quality and style in our entire line of products.
In addition to our line of high quality comfort footwear, we also produce officially recognized “Abarca de Menorca” sandals, as well as a brand new line of women’s flats with both a rustic and modern touch, while maintaining the most vivacious colors for our spring and summer lines and warm tones for our autumn and winter lines.
The hands of our amply experienced shoemaker have made comfort the hallmark of our efforts. Through our artisanal methods, the goal of creating a shoe that sets comfort as its highest philosophical priority, while using only the finest raw materials and exquisite designs, give us our brand name: Benestar, or “Well-Being”.


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