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  • Master craftsman certification
  • Artisan qualification certification
  • Menorca handicraft brand


Santi Capó

Jeweler specialized in the repair and maintenance of all types of jewelry. In the modernization and transformation into current designs. In the restoration of antique jewelry. And my own collections.

Mediterranean-inspired jewelry created from hand worked gold and silver presented alone, used together or as parts of creations in photography or painting.

The subtlety, creative process and craftsmanship are always considered above the pure material value of the pieces. The clear geometric forms, the silent work of our ancestors, the sand, the sea. A world of Mediterranean evocations, tradition mixed with modernity to be applied to craftsmanship and clear contemporary will. Rings, earrings and pendants in austere lines, in which silver serves as a support for gold, for the image, creating a balance in space.


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