The Menorca Handicrafts Association, ARTEME, was founded in July 1981 as the initiative of a group of artisans from the island. Since its creation, the association has become part of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises of Menorca, PIME Menorca.

ARTEME is made up of craftsmen by trade, professionals of various specialties: food, shoes, jewelry, wood, metal and others, who love their job and hope to shed light on their fields as part of history and tradition, while keeping it both current and innovative through their constant effort.

Craft is culture. A culture that deserves to be known, valued and passed on, and therefore from ARTEME we are working to add value to the craft trade, to professional craftsmanship.

Furthermore, ARTEME actively participates in and collaborates on everything that concerns crafts on an institutional level, and hence we are now members of the Insular Commission of Crafts and the Leader program of the island government, the Consell Insular de Menorca, as well as the Balearic Committee of Crafts in the Balearic Government.

We were the prime movers of the first Craft Fair of Menorca, which took place at the Exhibition Center in Es Mercadal, and subsequently we have participated in the creation of the Menorca Crafts Center, while also attending insular, national and international exhibitions and fairs related to professional craftsmanship.

The artisans who are part of ARTEME have one or more of the quality and recognition accreditations to practice their trade, awarded by the Consell Insular de Menorca.

The four accreditations that can be obtained, according to professional career or legal form of the company are: craftsman certification, master craftsman certification, artisan qualification certification and certification of honorary master craftsman. All of which are instruments of quality assurance.

To certify their professional career, artisans can apply for the artisan charter, the master artisan charter and the artisan qualification document (DCA). Once they are in possession of the charter, they can apply for the guarantee mark hallmark Artesanía de Menorca. This mark is Island Council of Menorca property and distinguishes the professional artisans who deserve to represent Menorca’s handicrafts, on the basis of the quality of their work.

All the artisans within the association perform their work as a legally established economic activity, therefore, by adhering to PIME Menorca, partners can receive significant advice and administration services in order to stay up to date.

You can consult these services offered to our members.

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